If you have not used your punches by January 31, 2018, the 2017 card will be invalid.  Please check your cards as to the number of drinks left and use them before the expiration date. 
The Hole-In-One Club (HIO Club) works as follows:
  • Men and Women will be included in the same Hole-In-One Club.
  • After each Hole-In-One, your account will be charged $8.  
  • You will receive one drink per punch ($5 maximum) for EVERY Hole-In-One scored at Illahe Hills Country Club by an ILLAHE HILLS member (regardless if the member is in the Hole-In-One Club or not).  If the member scoring the Hole-In-One is not in the HIO club, they will not receive a drink or the extra benefits.  The 2016 punch card will expire January 31, 2018.
  • The person scoring the Hole-In-One, if a member of the HIO club, will receive the Club credit to your Pro Shop credit account of $225 based off of the current number of HIO Club members.  If the number of members increases we will increase the Pro Shop credit.  For instance if we grow the number of members participating from 65 to 100 the Pro Shop credit will increase by $105.  If participation drops below the current level the Pro Shop credit will reduced accordingly.
  • If there is a remaining balance in the HIO Club at the end of the year due to an Illahe Member who is not in the HIO Club scoring a hole-in-one the balance will be distributed to all HIO Club members scoring a hole-in-one for the year.  

**As a note, drinks purchased with a Hole-In-One card do not include a gratuity for the server.