Classes & Instruction

Golf Instructors

Steve Bowen Head Golf Pro golfpro@illahehills.com
BJ Lewis Assistant Professional bj@illahehills.com

 *To set up a golf lesson contact one of your Illahe professionals by e-mail or by phone at 503-581-3233

Golf Lesson and Instruction Program

We offer a wide variety of individual and group lesson plans for all skill levels.

*Individual Lesson
A 45 minute lesson on any part of your golf game.

Series of 5 Individual Lessons 
This is the best way to make a commitment to your game.  Take a series of 5 individual lessons all on the full swing or customize it to improve all areas of your game.  

*Playing Lesson 
Have trouble taking your game from the range to the course?  Maybe an on the course playing lesson is the fix.  Work on course strategy, trouble shots, ueven lies, and shots that just can't be duplicated on the range.  1 to 1 1/2 hour lesson.

*Junior Lesson
A half-hour lesson geared for junior instruction.  (For juniors 17 years of age and under).

Series of 4 Junior Lessons 
For juniors looking to further develop and build on their skills.  4 half-hour junior lessons.  Series price varies by instructor.

*Group Lesson
Group lessons are fun and a less intimidating means of golf instruction.  Two to four students, you pick the group.  Great for couples, two friends or your regular foursome.  A one-hour lesson on any part of the game.

Men's Senior Group:
Our Senior Men's Club plays twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  We are members fifty years of age and over and we welcome anyone who wants to play, with no regard to abilities and handicaps.  All are welcome! 

If you are interested in joining this group please contact our Head Golf Professional, Steve Bowen, at (503)364-0117 ext. 112