Dear Illahe Hills Country Club Member,
Two years ago we set out to create a Hole-In-One program to encourage more participation.  Over those two years our numbers actually diminished and it was requested by members we look at our program again.  At our February 28 Board meeting we reviewed this program and after lengthy discussions the Board unanimously voted to repeal and replace it with a new one that will encourage participation from all Club members who maintain a handicap with the Oregon Golf Association.  You will automatically be enrolled unless we hear back from you.  You can email me at gm@illahehills.com or call me at (503) 364-0117 if you wish to elect out. 
Effective March 1, 2018 the new Hole-In-One program will include all members of the Club who maintain a handicap.  If you do not maintain a handicap and wish to participate you can let me know at gm@illahehills.com or call me at (503) 364-0117. 
Below is a complete breakdown of the new program:
  • Recognize those making a hole-in-one and celebrate the accomplishment;
  • Make the day more fun by providing “insurance” and removing the potentially awkward uncertainty of buying drinks;
  • Keep it simple; and
  • Get every Illahe member (age 21 and over) involved!
Here's how it works:
  • There is no annual fee or annual renewal.  Every member age 21 and over with a handicap established through Illahe Hills CC is automatically enrolled in the hole-in-one club.  Members may opt out of the hole-in-one club by contacting the General Manager.  Illahe members without established handicaps may also join the hole-in-one club.  The Club maintains a current roster of hole-in-one club participants.
  • Each time any member of the hole-in-one club records an ace, every member of the hole-in-one club is billed $3.00.  (Depending on participation, the GM may adjust this amount.)
  • Proceeds from each billing occurrence go into a “bar account” associated with the person making the particular hole-in-one.
  • Immediately upon completion of the golf round in which the hole-in-one occurs, the name of the member making the hole-in-one is posted in a specially designated location in the pub.  Notification of the hole-in-one is sent to hole-in-one club participants as soon as possible via Clubster.
  • The honoree's name will remain posted in the pub for one full week.
  • During that week, each member of the hole-in-one club is entitled to one drink from the “bar account” established in the name of the hole-in-one maker.  The price of the drink is limited to no more than $6.00 and each member is limited to only one drink, even if the drink cost is less than $6.00.  (A current roster, with each hole-in-one maker's name designated, will be kept in the pub for the week.  Servers will mark the name of each hole-in-one club member served his or her one “free” drink.  In the event of multiple holes-in-one, there may be overlapping “bar accounts” active at the same time.)
  • Hole-in-one club drinks must be claimed within the week, are not transferrable, cannot be gifted to other members, and are not credits that can be applied to a larger bill.
  • At the end of the week, any proceeds remaining in the “bar account” of an honoree will be awarded to that person—one-half in cash and one-half in pro shop credit.
  • Holes-in-one must be recorded in a golf round of at least nine holes and must be witnessed by at least one other golfer.
Good luck to all of our members for many hole-in-ones this year.
Michael Litwin
General Manager