Illahe Hills Country Club Ladies Golf Group
Tee times begin at 8:00 a.m. every Wednesday March 31st through October 20th   

The Ladies Golf Group is inclusive, supportive, and full of positive energy.  We welcome all women with Full/Individual Golf Memberships, no matter their handicap or level of play.  Some play 9 holes, most play 18 holes, but it doesn’t matter, we just want to celebrate together.  We play every Wednesday during the season and meet for awards and updates monthly.  We have several competitions throughout the summer, but, if you don’t like competitive golf, you can play plain ole golf.  We hope all women golfers will join us! If you have questions or are interested, please contact: Kate McKinley, Captain - or ask the Pro Shop.

As a female golfing member of Illahe you may also be eligible to play with the following organizations.  (You do not have to be a member of the Ladies Golf Group to participate).

Oregon Senior Women’s Golf Association (OSWGA)         
This group is for women age 50 and older.  There is not a handicap restriction, all levels welcome.  Players travel to different golf courses, play 9 holes and then enjoy lunch and awards.  This is light competition with  a focus on seeing new courses and making acquaintances.
“It was with trepidation that a few of us ‘beginning golfers’ joined the OSWGA last spring.  Wow!  We were all pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was, no pressure, and we got to see many golf courses in the Willamette Valley.  Carpooling together gave us all a chance to get to know each other even better and to laugh together and reflect!” - Kate McKinley

Oregon Women’s Golf Association (OWGA)        
This group is for players with a handicap of 30 or lower.  Courses all over the state are played with the focus being on the Willamette Valley and Portland area.  Play also rotates through Central and Southern Oregon.  Women play 18 holes of golf and enjoy lunch offered by the host club.

Valley League Team Play (VLTP)                                                                                                                                      
This group plays Match Play round robin 5 times per golf season.  VLTP includes Illahe Hills CC, Corvallis CC, Eugene CC, Springfield Golf Club, Shadow Hills Golf Club and Pine Ridge Golf Club (formerly Springfield CC).  Each club brings a team of 8 players to a play day.  Handicap allotments are capped at 22.  While this is competitive play, it is still fun and social.
Captain Kate McKinley
Co-Captain Jamie Zielinski
Treasurer Vicki Berger
Secretary Peggy Kelber
Past Captain Roxy Evans
Day's Play & Roster Shelley Sheehan
Opening Day Angela Smith
Homecoming Opener  
Member Guest Athena Douglas, Betty Worster & Laurie Hanslits
Captain's Cup Torry Templeman & Kathie Dewey
Formal Guest Day Brette Hampton & Sue Rende
Scoring Joan Forster
Fall Tournament Dewey Whitton & Chane Griggs
Mystery Partner Kathie Dewey
Match Play Paddy Hueneke & Marge Walling
Birdie Tree Jane Roberts & Jane d'Entremont
Eclectic Sue Powell
Handicap Roxy Evans
50/50 Drawing Becky Roberts
Closing Nancy Chamberlain & Nancy Merzenich
Maintenance Lunch Joan Forster & Pamela Ewing
Membership Shelley Sheehan
Green Committee Rep Roxy Evans
Golf Committee Rep Jamie Zielinski
OWGA Sr. Rep Ronna Chandler
OWGA Jr. Rep  
Valley Team  
OSWGA Rep Carol Fanning
OSWGA Asst. Rep Carol Gehring


Ladies Golf Group Luncheon Dates

Ladies Opening Day March 31
Ladies Homecoming May 12
Match Play June 16
Member-Guest Tournament July 12-14
Captain's Cup August 4
Formal Guest Day August 25
Fall Tournament September 15
Closing & Awards October 20