Thursday, June 16th
12:30 Shotgun
Format:  Individual Gross and Net

One gross and One net foursome game
Entry:  $40/Member & $70/Guest (Includes Lunch & Beverages)
Optional Games:  $5 Individual Skins, $5 Beat the Pro, $5 Beat Par Net, $5 Deuce Pot
“Par 3 Horse Race” Following play!
This is the ultimate golf challenge event of the year!  The green speeds will be at a 12 or 13 on the stimpmeter, all the pins will be tucked in the most difficult positions you can imagine and yes you play the Black Tees!  For those of you who don’t feel  you can handle the black tee we will have a separate game from the white tees.

June 23rd—25th 
Format: Modified Chicago Stableford (One Flight)
Entry:  $800.00/Team
Includes:  Lunch – Three days Breakfast—Two days,  $250 Shopping Experience, Special Tee Prize, Cocktails All Days.
Extra Games:  KP Shoot-out Contest, Putting Contest, Daily Pot Games,   Holes-In-One Competition (daily), KP’s & Long Drives (daily), Horse Race and Special Event (Calcutta).
This is the premier event at Illahe Hills Country Club!  It is a great time to entertain a client, best friend or family member to an ultimate four days of golf, social activities and just plain fun.  This event offers a complimentary practice round, “special”  tournament shopping spree (Tee Prize), food and cocktails (all three days) and an awards ceremony to crown the Champions.

Thursday, July 7th 
12:30 Shotgun

Format: This is a foursome team game and the Modified Chicago Stableford    Quota System will be used for
scoring.  All four players will receive a quota which is 36 minus their  tournament handicap.  
Points are:  Bogey—1, Par—2, Birdie—3, Eagle—5 and Double Eagle—8.  The team with the most combined points will be the winners.  Entry:  $40/Player (No Guest Fee) includes lunch.  Optional $5 game against the Pro and GM’s team.  This is a format that evens out the entire field by chance (luck).  It is also a great day to invite a Guest .  
July 23rd & 24th 
Entry:  $400.00/Non-Member Team— $350.00/Member Team -  Includes:  Practice Round, Lunch both days, Tournament Tee Prize and Awards Party.
Format:  Two-Person Best Ball (Gross and Net) Open and Senior Divisions            85% of handicaps will be used
This is our premier outside Amateur Tournament with some of the best young and senior golfers throughout the Pacific Northwest competing.  This tournament is open to all players and is designed for all golfers whether you are a scratch handicap or higher handicap player.  There are two divisions (open and senior) and we have a great gross and net payout for each.

August 13th—14th
Format:  36 Hole Individual Stroke Play.    
All Flights—36 Holes
Entry:  $25.00
–Includes golf, putting contest, Bar-B-Q/Awards Party (Sunday after Play)
Flights:  Flights for Everyone    Championship—Gross “Only”       Open— Ages 54 and Under            Senior—Ages 55 to 69                    Super Senior—Ages 70 and over
Women—Open, Senior, Super Sr.
“Flights for Everyone”
This an event to determine the Champion Golfer for every        category of player at Illahe Hills Country Club.  Every golfing member of the club can enter the championship.  Not only will we crown our gross and net champions we will have a celebration of golf that will be fun for everyone!  There are flights for all ages with competitions to suit all skill levels.

Thursday, August 18th 12:30 Shotgun
Format:  Two-Man Scramble Gross & Net
Entry:  $40.00/Member & $70.00/Guest
$10 (Optional) Beat the Pro’s game
       “Includes lunch”
“Two-Man Horserace” following play
This is a format that creates a true partner experience and makes a fun pressure packed atmosphere to see who can put together a really low score.  Come out and join us and win the scramble championship of Illahe Hills C.C..
“Team must consist of at least one Member” 

Thursday, September 8th 12:30 Shotgun
Format:  Two-Man Best Ball (Gross & Net), Individual (Gross & Net)
Entry:  $40.00/member & $70.00/Guest, Optional  $5.00 beat the Pro & Superintendent.  Includes Lunch.

This event is a time when our superintendent Steven Beyer can get down and dirty with tee placements and pin placements to turn Illahe Hills into a very difficult golf course.  The pins will be tough so get ready to test your skills and also your sense of humor.

Date:  October 8th & 9th
Format:  Net Best-Ball “Match Play”   
Flights of Six Teams (Determined by Total Team Handicap)    85% of handicap will be used (AS recommended by (WHS)
Entry:  $200.00/Team  Includes:  Friday Night Champions Dinner (Defending Champions Menu Choice) Lunch is Included both days 
This is our fall Major Tournament that has been a favorite for many years here at Illahe Hills.  Find a great partner and take on five different teams with five separate matches.  The different flight winners and runners-up will square off in a final Horse Race to determine an overall Champion and win the Coveted   Illahe Hills Sports Jackets.  “Bragging rights certainly come with this victory”.

Thursday, October 13th 
12:30 Shotgun
Format:  Individual (Gross & Net),      Two-Man Best Ball (Gross & Net)
Entry:  $40.00/Member & $60.00/Guest Optional $5.00 Beat the Assistant Pro’s

This event is a teaser for the long hitters and players who are accustomed to playing longer/back tees.  See how low you can go and “good luck”!

Thursday, November 10th           
12:00 Shotgun
Format:  Individual Stableford Quota KP Challenge by division
Entry:  $35.00/Member & $60.00/Guest    Includes a Turkey dinner following play
This is the final Men’s Stag event of 2022, so come out and finish off the golf season with a fun day of golf and great food. All of the payouts are         Thanksgiving turkeys.



1961 Robert Prall
1962 Walt Cline Jr.
1963 John Kennedy
1964 Stephen Milich
1965 Bob Adams
1966 Cliff Ellis Jr.
1967 Tom Zeuthen
1968 Tom Zeuthen
1969 Dan Kilinski
1970 Bill Beard
1971 John Kennedy
1972 Ron Kenagy
1973 George Ross
1974 Bob Altman
1975 Ken Forster
1976 Rube Worster
1977 Bob Altman
1978 Jerry Groff
1979 Jim Thomas
1980 Ken Forster
1981 Jim Thomas
1982 John Eckerman
1983 Donald Osborne
1984 Donald Osborne
1985 Donald Osborne
1986 John McGonegal
1987 Mike Altman
1988 Ken Forster
1989 Ken Forster
1990 Ken Forster
1991 Ken Forster
1992 Rich Sparks
1993 Ken Forster
1994 Manny Caudillo
1995 Ken Forster
1996 Ken Forster
1997 Steve Altman
1998 Steve Altman
1999 Steve Altman
2000 Steve Altman
2001 Steve Altman
2002 Ken Forster
2003 Steve Altman
2004 Steve Altman
2005 Steve Altman
2006 Ken Forster
2007 Eric Fiskum
2008 Eric Fiskum
2009 Steve Altman
2010 Eric Fiskum
2011 Eric Fiskum
2012 Eric Fiskum
2013 Jeff Glodt
2014 Jeff Glodt
2015 Jeff Glodt
2016 Ryan Woodward
2017 Eric Fiskum
2018 Eric Fiskum
2019 Eric Fiskum

BLACK TEES - 63 (Spencer Tibbits)
BLUE TEES - 61 (Corey Spady)

WHITE TEES - 64 (Eric Fiskum, Jeff Coston and Kent Myers)